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Sharing Caring, Achieving Together

Woodfield School

Work Related Learning (WRL)

The Woodfield coffee shop is where our Pupils are encouraged with support to help run their Coffee shop.  

Pupils work in real life situations dealing and talking with customers, serving and making teas and coffees, using the till and money, making cakes, using the dishwasher, keeping the kitchen and seating area clean and tidy.  We learn about food hygiene and how to keep ourselves safe in the kitchen. 

Each pupil’s coffee shop training is job carved to meet the student’s individual needs and gives them the basis of a good work ethic, where they gain independence, confidence, pride and self-esteem. 

We are open to the community and have a five-star food hygiene rating.  


We have a nearly new shop which our students work in, sorting through stock, pricing the items and displaying them to sell.  


Work related learning and preparing for Adulthood start from right at the beginning of our pupil’s school life.  For example, washing our hands, putting on our coats. Across the school we learn how to be independent whenever we can be and looking after ourselves. We learn gardening, picking up litter, washing clothes, setting tables for lunch, using our knives and forks and cleaning. Going to the shops learning the value of money, how to pay for items in various ways including cash and card.