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Woodfield School


Woodfield School Admissions Policy


All admissions to Woodfield School are managed by the Local Authority (LA). Reference should be made to the LA core sector guidance for admission to a special school or specialist provision, and specifically the section referring to schools for children and young people with severe learning difficulties (SLD) The LA core offer describes the core provision offered by SLD schools in the Local Authority. 


Most admissions to Special Schools are determined by Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) and may reflect parental preference. Once a maintained Special School is named in an EHCP, Governors are under a duty to admit the child. Regulation 12A of the Education (Special Educational Needs) (England) (Consolidation) Regulations 2001 (as inserted by the Education (Special Educational Needs) (England) (Consolidation) (Amendment) Regulations 2006) specifies the circumstances when a child without an EHCP may be admitted to a Special School – namely for the purposes of Assessment, or following a change in circumstances. Parents are fully involved in all stages of their child’s assessment, and their views, together with the views of all professionals concerned are taken into account and admissions made on the advice written in the child’s statement.

Before naming a Special School in an EHCP, the Local Authority must consult the school’s governing body.  The LA and governing bodies should respond to consultation in good time, normally within 15 working days. The LA should consider carefully any representations it receives from governing bodies. When finalising EHCP’s, the LA should consider whether or not the admission of the child would be in keeping with the school’s arrangements, i.e. vacancies within the school’s planned places or a vacancy in a class where the child’s needs can be met, appropriate to the age.

There may be circumstances when a pupil living outside the area in a neighbouring Local Authority requests a place at Woodfield.  Liaison between the Area SEN Team and the Headteacher will be necessary in these circumstances to discuss the potential placement and funding arrangements before a place is allocated.

If the school roll is full, parents and the LA will be advised and the name of the child placed on a referral list if required.  The LA may wish to offer a placement at an alternative school.

Visits by prospective parents are welcome so that we can discuss the school’s curriculum and how it is delivered.  Parents will be given the opportunity to look around the school and see it in a working situation and view its resources.  Parents are also made aware of the LA’s transport policy which may have significance if the child lives outside the catchment area. In line with the LA transport policy children are admitted to their most local school unless there are any other issues. Parental wishes are considered as well as the views of the schools in areas such as staff expertise, class dynamics and the pressure of numbers.

Nearer the date of admission to Woodfield, transition arrangements will be made for the pupil. Parents and pupils will be given the opportunity to visit the school and meet with the class teacher and/or relevant staff.  Parents will be given all the forms required by school for their completion.  Wherever possible and relevant, the designated class teacher will visit the school, nursery or opportunity class which the prospective pupil attends.