In order to give our pupils the best possible opportunities we welcome volunteers to assist with certain activities.

Some sessions, such as swimming or outings particularly benefit from additional support and if parents, friends

or neighbours have spare time and wish to volunteer at our school they should contact the Assistant Head via the school office

on 01442 253476.

Ideally, it is helpful if a volunteer can commit to the same time each week, even if only for an hour, as this would enable

a child to swim or do an activity with additional support. It also allows the volunteer to build up a knowledge of that child

and activity and see the progress made over the weeks.

Where possible, we like to build on the volunteers' strengths and interests, for example, if they are very 'arty' they may

wish to help with a lunchtime art club or help a class in technology lessons etc.

Please talk to us if interested in volunteering.


Last Updated Thursday 10 May 2018 11:17