Class 5

We are Class 5, we have 11 pupils and 4 TAs. Our teacher is Susie. We really enjoy our time together in school, learning about lots of different things. Class 5 is the top KS2 and beginning of KS3 class at Woodfield. We generally join the ‘senior’ part of the school for certain activities, such as assemblies, mainly for logistical reasons.  At the present time we have eleven children aged between nine and eleven years old.

In Class 5 we work towards becoming more independent in our everyday life. Part of this means taking responsibility for our belongings.  For example, taking our diary out of our bags and bringing it into class in the mornings.  We also use the local shops and community amenities as well as trying to help each other. Sometimes we work together; sometimes we work on our own. We build on the work achieved by the KS1 and lower KS2 class on understanding the world around us. We also begin to prepare our children for life further up the school.

We have recently been focusing on our key skills of looking, listening, communicating, thinking and using our hands and how we can transfer and use these skills throughout the school day.