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Dear Parents, Staff & Friends,

Notice is hereby formally given that the Annual General Meeting of WASP, Woodfield Association School Partners, will be held on Thursday, 29th June, at 7.30 pm at Woodfield School.

The Agenda will be as follows:

Welcome & Apologies

Minutes of the Last AGM – 23rd June 2016

Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Resignation/Election of Officers

These items will be followed by a Committee meeting when we will discuss items such as Woodfieldfest, Future Fundraising etc.  If you have any items for the agenda, please pass to Jenny Harley (Secretary), as soon as possible.  Also, if you would like to stand for election as an Officer of the Committee; Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, you may wish to give prior notice to Jenny, although if you don't this will not preclude you from putting your name forward on the night.

Please come along and support us if you possibly can.  The Committee have been working very hard this year, as in all years, to raise money for school for the benefit of the children and there are always plenty of ways to spend it!








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